2019   April - October  Galas in Antalya (Turkey)

2018   December  Hiltruper Weihnachtscircus ( Germany )

2018   November  Galas in Doha ( Quatar )

2018   May-October  Galas in Antalya (Turkey)

2018   February-May  Circus company (Lithuania)

2017   April –June  Lviv State Circus (Ukraine)

2016   March-November   Circus “Balkanski” (Bulgary)

2015   March-May       Lviv State Circus (Ukraine)

2014   December-January Coliseu do Porto (Portugal)

2014   May-July        Chisinau State Circus (Moldova)

2014   February-April   Lviv State Circus (Ukraine)

2013   November-December  Galas in Al Ain (UAE)

2013   April - October  Galas in Antalya (Turkey)

2012   April - October  Circus season (Finland)

2012   February-March   Cruise “Viking Line” (Finland)

2011   March-October    Circus “Balkanski” (Bulgary)

2011   January-February Lviv State Circus (Ukraine)

2010   November-December Simferopol State circus (Ukraine).

2010   April-October     Circus season (Finland)

2009   October-March     Circo Mondial (Italy)

2009   September         Galas in   Antalya (Turkey)

2009   June-July         Belorussian National circus (Belorus).

2009   April-May         Simferopol State circus (Ukraine).

2009   March             Fashing Show in Abu-Dhabi (UAE).

2009   January-February  Festival in Dubai (UAE).    

2008   November-December Cirque de Noël de Toulouse  (France

2008   May-November      Galas in   Antalya.

2008   March-April       Lviv State Circus (Ukraine) 

2008   1st of January    Casino “ San Remo” (Italy).

2007   November-December Galas Music-Art-Show (France).

2007   March-October     Theatre-Variete (Switzerland)
2007    January           Festival in Dubai(UAE).
2006   December          
Galas Music-Art-Show (France).
2006   November
        8th International Festival in Sant Paul les Dax (France).
2006   September-October Circus "Skratt"(Sweden).
2006   July-August       
Park Bon-Bon Land (Denmark).
2006   April-June      
  Circus "Skratt"(Sweden).
2005   November          
TV-Show “Grande Cabare du Monde” in Paris (France).
2005-2006 April-March    
The Ukrainian State Circus Company (Ukraine).

1998-2005 Tetyana & Roman were working in The Ukrainian State Circus Company with another juggling act. During that time they were performing in many circuses(Ukraine,Moldova,Kazakhstan,Belarus,Turkey,Switzerland).

Roman&Tetyana acquainted Serhiy in 2003.
They began to practice together  in January 2005 and gave the first public performance of  the act in April 2005 in Kharkiv State Circus.
The act  “Del Arte”  staged in Match - April 2005 by the talented Ukrainian director Vitali Logvinenko.
The act is a deeply comedy story participation in Harlequin, Piero & Columbine.
They have the second version of juggling act named  “Chicago” .
It is classical variete act where are used original combinations and the tricks of the highest level of the complexity.

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